IT Cost Reduction

  • Adjust cost in line with the business size without long term commitment
  • Retire expensive (and often underutilised) computer grid engines, and benefit from the «pay per use» model of the cloud

Time to Market

  • Immediate availability and unlimited elasticity of the computational power
  • Speed-up delivery of new functionality due to limited dependence on the IT legacy systems (data/models only)

Core Business

  • Banks can focus on their core business by outsourcing part of the growing IT burden resulting from new regulations
  • ….Still leveraging internal pricing analytics for exotics (mapped with ICA by advanced optimisation technics)

Capital Optimisation

  • Standardised and independent methodology of “internal” model reconciles banks methodology with regulator’s transparency requirements
  • Ability to optimise and rebalance XVA charges based on ad-hoc scenario tools (Transfers, Unwinding, CSA Terms…etc)