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Cloud computing tailored for parallel computations, scalable and fault tolerant

Anonymization module to ensure no confidential information is sent to the public cloud

Optimized distribution, easy deployment, deep analysis




Up-to-date pricing/risk models, and flexible user interface

Includes system operations and infrastructure

Faster to run, cheaper and lighter to implement and operate

Fully fledged real-time end-to-end pricing and risk platform



Scalability, redundancy, low infrastructure cost of disk clusters

 Visualize, manipulate, aggregate on the fly on any axe and apply statistics on trillions of data points 

Plug-in own or built-in analytics and financial libraries

Real Time What-ifs



Fuelled by new regulations, the complexity and number of pricing and risk calculations in investment banks are growing exponentially. Traditional systems in pricing and risk management are outdated. Leveraging on big data, cloud technologies and AI, ICA has built a highly efficient solutions for derivatives faster to run, cheaper and lighter to implement and operate, that is deliverable through a SaaS solution or implemented on premises.

ICA is Capital Market Fintech who works with banks to leverage new technologies to address their risk and regulatory calculations challenges through:

  • an all-in derivatives pricing tool, XVA and FRTB SaaS which has the sophistication of the largest bank but the simplicity of a plug and play solution; 
  • a “big compute” solution, to deploy efficiently and securely banks’ analytics on any cloud (with built-in anonymization process).
  • a “big data” result management tool to easily visualize, manipulate, aggregate on the fly on any axe and apply statistics on trillions of data points, with the scalability of disk clusters (making any in-memory cubes obsolete). We also give users access to “calculators” and ”aggregators” (predefined in the tool and/or connected to the bank’s calculation library). Used in many different use cases that are coming up on the agenda of all banks: FRTB market risks, SA-CVA, Credit Exposures (PFE, EPE, CVA…), what-if simulations for instance on the “end of –IBORs” ; all of those not easily solved with current tools. 



Emmanuel Danzin

Head of Business Development

20 years in xVA Structuring, Advisory and Audit

- xVA Optimization at Société Générale and Crédit Agricole 

- Structurer at Société Générale 

- Consultant and auditor Deloitte & Touche 

Academics: ESSEC business school, Columbia University (Masters in Mathematics of Finance)

Stéphane Rio


24 years in Trading, Fintech and Board

- Board member of Depfa & CEO of ACS Bank (post 2008 to restructure the group)

- CEO of Fintech Swapstream. Sold to CME in 2006

- Global Head of Interest Rate Swaps at Commerzbank

Academics: Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE and Master in Stochastic Models applied to Finance

Jean-Michel Fayolle

Head of Research

26 years in Risk, Quant, Research and Board

- CRO Banque AIG post 2008 

- CRO Aspect Capital 

- Head of Quant Research / New Products in large financial institutions 

Academics: Télécom Paris (Computer Science), Texas A&M University (MS - Statistics, BS of applied Mathematics)

Vincent Boilay

Head of Solutions

26 years in Financial Software, IT dev and New Technologies

- New technology expert (Big data, Spark, Web)

- Broad experience in designing and implementing trading solutions platforms 
Academics: EPSI Paris (Master of Computer Science)

Guillaume Aubert 

Head of Product Management

23 years in Financial Software, Quant and Fintech

- Co-founder and Managing partner at Orchestrade Financial Systems (cross-asset trading and risk) 

- Head of Quant and Solutions Consulting at Summit (North-America /EMEA) 

- Certified FRM 

Academics: Supélec (Physics & Computer Science)

Developers and Quants

ICA team is mostly comprised of PhD and Masters in IT, specialists in digital technologies, as well as PhD and masters in Quantitative Finance.

Julien Fraichard

Head of Architecture and Big Data

12 years in Big Data technology, IT dev and start-ups

- Founder of Boumbo (Routing tool) and Geowiz (Geo marketing tools)

- Head of desk on innovation projects for the French Ministry of Finance

- In depth expertise of Cloud and Big Data technology. Broad tech  experience.
Academics: Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE (Corps of INSEE)

Cloud Computing

Our solution includes components for large scale distributed computation tailored to pricing and risk management on any Cloud: private, public or hybrid without the need for any commercial orchestrator software

Optimized Distribution

With our dual experiences in finance and modern technologies, we have proven a unique know-how in the field of optimized distributed calculations

Big Data Analytical Database

We have been heavily involved in the big data fields, for our own platform, or for our clients’ solutions. Typical risk calculation includes hundreds of billions of structured data and requires optimised data compression, fast read/write and slice and dice in any direction 

Data Anonymisation

The usage of hybrid cloud (public/private) implies in-depth anonymization algorithms: no confidential information is transmitted to the public cloud, aggregations are made locally…


Real-Time What-ifs

Beyond the batch computation, pricing/risk solutions and architecture must factor in various aspects of real-time calculations: new trades, parameters simulations, market updates…

Artificial Intelligence

Our different solutions have lead us to explore techniques of AI in various applications such as auto-calibration of distribution schema, or fitting of MTM functions 


Strategic Partner

Kepler Cheuvreux is one of the initial investor in ICA, and a strong believer in the ICA vision for the banking outsourcing.


Our cloud partners are providing the public cloud computational power which our platform is built on. We can work with any cloud and have existing implementations at Google Cloud, Amazon and Outscale.

Academic Partners

Laureate of Concours Innovation Numérique (December 2016)

Competition for most innovative companies in digital innovation

Laureate in category Fintech
“Concours d’Innovation Numérique” is sponsored by the French state to support the best innovative projects in digital transformation. Its ambition is to accelerate the developments of projects based on digital technologies by sponsoring a significant part of the project.

Financing support from BPI France (the French Public Investment Bank) to help grow innovative products

Selected by BPI France to by be 1 of the 6 start-up to represent France at the International SME forum on Artificial Intelligence in Montreal 7th and 8th May 2018.

Label Finance Innovation (July 2017

Backing of the Worldwide Competitivity Cluster FINANCE INNOVATION

“This recognition validates both the innovative and strategic nature of a project and has the goal of driving access to FINANCE INNOVATION's circle of industrial, commercial and potential financial partners”

Member of FinTech (March 2018)
ICA has joined France FinTech who gathers all businesses using innovative, disruptive technological business models which aim at addressing current or emerging issues in the financial services industry. France Fintech is in charge of promoting french fintech in France and abroad.



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ICA is a Capital Market Fintech that delivers high performance risk management, big data analytics and visualization solutions.

For any GDPR information, please contact our Data Protection Officer: gdpr@the-ica.com